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Amy C. Bradshaw, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Instructional Psychology & Technology
Department of Educational Psychology
University of Oklahoma
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Courses Currently or Frequently Taught

    EIPT 5033: Introduction to Research & Evaluation in Education
    EIPT 5533: Introduction to Instructional Technology
    EIPT 5693: Critical Literacy

    EIPT 6503: Design & Development of Text Based Instruction
    EIPT 6523: Visual Literacy for Educational Media Production

Courses Infrequently or Formerly Taught

    EIPT 6613: Critical Visualization (Research Issues in Instructional Technology)
    EIPT 6043: Qualitative Research Methods I
    EIPT 6083: Qualitative Research Methods II
    EIPT 6143: Instructional Design I
    EIPT 6163: Instructional Design II

    EIPT 6423: Design & Development of Web Based Instruction
    EIPT 5940: IDT Lab
    EIPT 3043: Learning with Educational Technologies

Dissertations Directed

Rita R. Murray. (2011). Enhancing students’ aeronautical decision making through scaffolding strategies for higher order thinking. University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

Kui Xie. (2006). Scaffolding online peer collaboration to enhance ill-structured problem solving with computer-based cognitive support. University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

Ching-Huei (Karen) Chen. (2006). Prompting students' knowledge integration and ill-structured problem solving in a web-based learning environment. University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

Christopher O. Keller. (2006). Collegiate journalists, media literacy, the culture of fear, and conscientização: A critical ethnography. University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

Jeffrey T. Caldwell. (2003). Learning economics in an online environment: Evaluating the impact of collaborative learning and instructional audio/video on learner achievement, goal orientation, self efficacy, sense of learning community, and attrition. University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

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